Hit the Road with This Informative Van Dwelling Manifesto

Storytelling is one of our most archaic habits, serving both to convey essential information and to entertain on a starry night. The captivating magic of a story satisfies the deepest part of our soul. 

I tell tales that sink to the bone and embolden others to act in big ways. 

“Awesome, fascinating, incredible, marvelous, stunning, surprising, unbelievable, wonderful! There aren’t enough words in the thesaurus for me to describe how absolutely amazing Jess’ writing is. She has a skill with words that so few writers will ever master — a master of words in the truest sense.” –Dan McLaughlin, TX

With my bucket list as a road map, I’ve traveled solo and volunteered on every continent to embark on adventures of self-growth and spiritual exploration. Firefighting in Antarctica? Check. Exhuming mass graves in Spain? Yes.

Turning a cargo van into a home and circling America three times? Done. And you can do it, too! 


Begin your adventure

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to live with the utmost degree of freedom, to rise with the sun every morning in an exciting new place, and to pioneer your own life, then this book is for you. Packed with do-it-yourself tips for turning a vehicle into a home, this nonfiction eBook covers the basics of how to van dwell and manage all aspects of life on the road.

“As an editor and college instructor, I’ve had the opportunity to read a great many books. I have seldom read an author as talented as Jess Ward. She has the uncanny ability to weave multiple genres into a single project: narrative, instructional, inspirational. Her writing skill elevates her from being a member of the large herd of contemporary writers to being among the elite wordsmiths.”

“She crafts her work in hues of humor, insight, intelligence, and clarity. Spending time with Jess’ words is like visiting an old, well-loved friend — comfortable and challenging in the same breath. She is indeed a modern classic.” –Kit Duncan, KY

I wrote this book for solo women to empower them to try the lifestyle, but it’s really a book for everyone. This guide touches on everything from vehicle selection to earning an income and everything in between. It even hits the psychology of being a vagabond and how to stay emotionally healthy while van dwelling.

Being unconventional can get lonely at times; let me help you navigate that.

“Jess is one part storyteller, one part wise woman, and all parts real! I immensely enjoyed following along on her blog, Chick in a Van, and loved watching her turn the road bumps and sticky parts into a living, breathing book to inspire others.” –Ashley McElyea, TX

Grab your copy today! Available in digital format on Amazon here. Your adventure is calling!

As a free bonus, check out this awesome article by the Wayward Home blog to read more about what I learned from living in a van full-time for two years.

See you on the road, my friend!