Weird is cool.

Weird is just weird. It can make your skin crawl or make you smile. It stops you in your tracks and reminds you that the world isn’t all the same. That some people color outside of the lines. And when you’ve been staring at the lines all day, it’s nice to see life spilling out into a place it shouldn’t be. It’s nice to let the hair fly and the soul soar to a place where it feels wild, free, and safe to be different.

So, this is a blog about weird.

Weird stuff in Denver. Sometimes weird stuff in Colorado, and even weird stuff around America, on occasion. Because there’s weird everywhere and it’s begging to be seen and heard, appreciated, and savored.

Weird is the evolution of culture—mutations that just happen, combinations of things that unite for a time and place and then evaporate. Perhaps some of them trigger a whole new fad and live to see another day or integrate into a generation.

The best weird is the stuff that just sinks into your head and makes you happy. It tickles the heart. It fires off a new set of neurons and you get that little zing because your grey matter has reached out a tiny tendril in an entirely new direction. It’s raw. It hasn’t had the sweat and the sugar and the magic kicked out of it.

Weird breaks the rules.

Weird either succeeds or fails but it does so epically. And the only negotiable is your openness to it, your willingness to let it in and allow it to change you, ever so slightly.

My name is Jess. I’m a weirdo living in Denver and this is my blog.

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