My story

Welcome, friend!

Hey there, my name is Jess. You’ve found a very special niche of the Internet. It’s my pleasure to show you around and tell you all about the place.

I started Starnar because I never quite fit into the real world. 

When I was a child, I was often told by the other kids that I “scared them.” This was very frustrating because deep down, I knew I was just being myself. Many an afternoon, you’d find me crying my eyes out, wondering why it was that there didn’t seem to be a place for me.

The pattern continued into adolescence and adulthood, where I often intimidated others because I was too something: too smart, too observant, too good at volleyball, too outspoken, too strong, too fat, or too stubborn. I began to accept that the fringe would always be where I truly belonged.

Wrapping my head around the prescriptive idea of normalcy, I’d reluctantly conform to it, though my feathers and horn and sparkle quickly popped through the seams to give me away. Or I’d tear the entire charade off myself in a fit of angst and depression, letting months slip by as I brooded about what to do next. Where to go. How to survive and still be me.

My promise to you

I think we all have our moments of weird, where the world just doesn’t get us. This blog is a culmination of all those slices from the only perspective I can offer—my own. My writing encodes the essence of human experience into letters, words, and verse that triggers an enduring sense of emotional value for readers.

This is my place to show up with full authenticity, for you.

Every week on these pages, I will share a perspective on Denver you’ve never considered before. Because fun shouldn’t be boring! Maybe I’ll divulge a weird food to try, or fill you in on someone who’s building something extraordinary, fresh, and bizarre in the city. Anything goes as long as it’s offbeat and creative.

Why Denver? Because I love this city. She’s my playground and home base. And she’s got that special je ne sais quoi (what I call the sweat/sugar/magic.) Denver’s a young city, comparatively, with her roots in the wild West, her hair blowing into the mountains, and her face toward the future.

It’s an electric time to live here!

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